Volvo Recall Information in San Diego, CA

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Your safety is of the utmost importance to Volvo and our team here at Volvo Cars San Diego. Although every Volvo vehicle is built with longevity in mind, safety recalls can occur. The good news is that we make it easy to know if your model needs attention and get it taken care of right away with our certified technicians and Volvo Recall Repairs.

Your Safety First

First, we want to encourage you that the XC60 or S90 you drive around Encinitas was carefully inspected before it left the factory. In addition to meticulous planning and engineering to include the latest safety features, each vehicle is inspected as part of Volvo’s quality control program. In order to make it on our showroom floor or our lot here at Volvo Cars San Diego, the vehicle must pass a strict checklist. We want you to feel completely confident when you are heading with your family to the Del Mar Fairgrounds or picking up a friend to golf in Escondido.

What is a Recall?

Once a model has been released and the vehicle leaves the factory, Volvo’s commitment to safety doesn’t end. A continued observation monitors how the Volvo models are performing for customers like you in Southern California and throughout the United States. They take into account feedback from drivers and dealerships, as well testing to make sure that everything is working as designed. In rare cases an issue may be discovered that can’t be resolved remotely with a software update. When that happens, a safety recall will be issued. Keep in mind that many recalls are preventative and may be sent out even if no incidents have occured – the goal is to maximize your safety.

Volvo Cars San Diego San Diego CA

Notification Process

How will you know if your Volvo is affected by a manufacturer recall? If you are the owner of the vehicle or the person listed on the lease, you will be contacted via mail or phone letting you know about the recall. To get more information and check your model, explore the recall landing page from Volvo. You can also check for any open recalls right here on our website. Simply fill out our quick form with some information about your vehicle and we’ll get back to you right away. If your vehicle is older than 1999 you may need to contact Volvo Customer Care in order to access historical recall data.

Trust the service center that has your family and your trust in mind. Volvo Cars San Diego is here for you with Volvo recall information and repair in San Diego, CA.